Tommy Walker

“I believe worship music is so powerful, because at the end of the day music was created by God to ultimately give Him glory!” – Tommy Walker

With his newest worship offering I Have A Hope, Tommy Walker, a songwriter and worship leader of more than 15 years, weaves Biblically-based messages of determination, hope, trust, and grace into a Spirit-charged proclamation of doing just that, giving all glory to God.

Walker who has served as a worship leader at his home church since 1990, has traveled with internationally recognized evangelical movements such as Promise Keepers, Greg Laurie Harvest Crusades and Franklin Graham Crusades. His songs have been sung by millions of people worldwide, in fact, more than 100 of his songs are currently ranked on the CCLI(Christian Copyright Licensing of America) chart. After releasing eight live recordings, I Have A Hope marks his first-ever nationally released studio project. Collaborating with the talents of award-winning producer Ed Cash (Chris Tomlin, Caedmon’s Call, Bebo Norman), Walker is stepping off the stage and into the studio, capturing moments of inspiring, spirit-filled praise.

“Nothing motivates me more than to write and lead a song and get to watch that person on the second row become overwhelmed with the love and power of God! My life mission statement is to inspire all people to become passionate worshippers of the most high God, therefore I strive to write songs that can captivate the rich, poor, black, white, saved and seeker.”

On the title track, Tommy proclaims, “There’s still hope for me today, for the God of Heaven loves me!” Inspired by the homeless he served through a church ministry, “I Have A Hope” was written as a declaration of the promise God gave to His people. A promise that there is no depth of despair He can’t rescue them from.

“I was so taken with the hopelessness in their eyes. They looked as if they had given up on life. I thought, Lord, what is it that you would want to say to them? Then I had the idea to write a song that would help them and other hopeless people declare the promises of God over their life,” says Walker. “It is one thing to have someone tell you that there’s hope, it’s another when the words of hope and promise are spoken out of your own mouth with a sense of faith and God’s assurance.”

In fact, it was this very tune that first drew renowned producer Ed Cash to work on the project. “The song ‘I Have A Hope’ touches the deepest part of my soul,” reveals Cash. “It was while I was listening to the bridge on the original demo of just Tommy and his guitar that the Lord told me to do this record. I was driving around and when that moment hit – I literally broke out in tears of praise and joy.”

Together, Walker and Cash crafted a record that both declare as one of the most captivating, profound displays of their work. “The most memorable moment was the day we started vocals,” remembers Cash. “Tommy started to sing ‘Hallelujah, We Will Sing’ at about 10:30 in the morning. He wasn’t feeling it, said his voice felt really tired. We called out to God and asked that His will be done – six hours later we had all the vocals for six complete songs. Simply unheard of, simply God! It was positively the most profound day I’ve ever had in the studio. We laughed, we cried, we celebrated God and became totally lost in His presence.”

“Hallelujah, We Will Sing,” is a soaring anthem of praise. The chorus of just four words reverberates one of the Bible’s most extravagant declarations of God’s glory. “On this song the melody came first and I could tell it was asking for a grandiose kind of theme,” describes Walker. “I started singing ‘hallelujah’ on the chorus and thought, ‘what could be a more grandiose theme than the second coming of Christ?’ When I turned to Revelation 19, I was so excited when I saw the word ‘hallelujah’ – I knew that was it!”

With a sense that nothing can communicate hope, prayer and expectation like music; Tommy wrote “Do It Lord,” the only collaboration on the project, with his brother Dale, a missionary pastor. “I sat on the idea for ‘Do It Lord’ for a long time because I just couldn’t figure out how to start. I guess writing this song felt like unfamiliar territory and a battle within itself. It has turned out to be a song that I hope will spark faith and revival in many places!” Cash describes the song as “a powerfully prophetic cry out to God – there is something so awesome about confessing the Word in faith and waiting patiently on the Lord to fulfill His promises.”

Walker’s ministry has taken him and God’s message to people all over the world. He has led worship teams to the Philippines, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Guatemala, Zambia and Brazil. “I have a great passion for the nations and am blown away by the worship awakening exploding all over the earth,” Walker shares. “I’ve had the privilege of traveling to many nations and I am currently focused on a work in Manila, Philippines. I’m in partnership with Far East Broadcasting to raise money for scholarships for poor children who literally live in the city dump. These scholarships allow them to have a quality education and graduate from high school, something many of their family members have been unable to do. Worship is also when we serve the least among us.”

Most recently, Walker’s travels have taken him to Jerusalem. His trip to the Holy Land was a major influence on I Have A Hope. “As I led three thousand Christian leaders in Jerusalem, I was taken with the fact that I was leading worship in the very birth place of our faith. It was from that very spot that Jesus said, ‘Go!’ and the early believers began taking the good news to the ends of the earth,” Walker shares. “I realized that I was part of them. It is only time that separated them from me. The power of the Holy Spirit is still empowering us just like in those days of old to preach the gospel, show His love and take His healing, manifest presence to who so ever will listen.

Above all else, Walker is a worshipper. More than simply words set to melodies, Tommy’s style of “worship music” is all about humbly giving all that we are to affirm God’s great and unmatched worth. “Music just happens to be a beautiful, God-given way of expressing that worth to God.” Walker explains.

Tommy Walker is looking forward to the future with expectation and is ready for whatever God has for him next. With the release of I Have A Hope, he is optimistic his music will inspire all people to let the praises of God flow passionately from their heart and out of their mouth. “I hope my music leaves a person with a greater sense of the wonder and limitless love of God.”