Shelly E. Johnson

The album also includes “Power of the Cross,” a song Shelly was inspired to write while volunteering at the Nashville Rescue Mission, a shelter that ministers to the homeless of middle Tennessee. Two Wednesdays a month, for four years, Shelly led worship for morning chapel at the Hope Center, the branch of the Rescue Mission devoted solely to women and children. Shelly recalls, “One morning our speaker talked about the cross and explained to these women – some who were hearing it for the first time – what Christ did on the cross and how it could change their lives. She held up a wooden cross and said, ‘Some of you have been living in chains with drug addiction, abuse, all the things keeping you from embracing Christ, and it’s time to let these things go and embrace the life God has for you.’ She then encouraged the women, if they were ready, to come forward and lay their chains at the foot of the cross.” As the women began to come forward, one by one laying down their chains before Jesus, tears streaming down their faces, Shelly was deeply moved. “It was one of the most powerful things I’d ever experienced. I came home, sat at my piano, and began playing and singing the song, as though it had already been written. It was a gift from God.” In the years that followed, as Shelly continued volunteering at the Hope Center, “Power of the Cross” became a life song to many of the women involved in the ministry.

Shelly E. Johnson has been given a gift for being able to transform life’s most poignant moments into powerful songs that connect people to God. This calling is one she takes very seriously, and her heart’s greatest desire is to be faithful and obedient to God. “When I stop and look back over everything He’s done these last twelve years, I am humbled. He has not only prepared me for this calling, but He’s opened the doors and brought the right people into my path to help me pursue it. I am so grateful."

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