Facing Your Dragons DVD - Motive Resources


Do you wrestle with forces at work in your life that leave you feeling hopeless?

The truth is, we all do battle with struggles, or "dragons," in our lives. Unfortunately, these dragons will not leave you and they will certainly always forsake you...unless you are willing to face them down.

Facing Your Dragons, the small group curriculum from LifeTogether and Motive Resources, inspired by the film, There Be Dragons, will take you on one of the greatest adventures of your life. Youll learn how to face down your dragons and live the way God intended.

The Bible is clear when it says "He (God) will never leave you or forsake you." Facing your dragons with God at your side will renew the hope in your heart that He cares and has the power to overcome them in your life.

Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime. You will never be the same. And you will definitely never be alone.

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