Praise 1 - The Praise Album - Various Artists


Top selling Praise Series features an hour of seamless classic praise. CD format.

Features popular Maranatha! Singers

Track List:

Praise The Lord

Father I Adore You

Heavenly Father

Praise The Lord Together

Thy Loving Kindness

Set My Spirit Free

Bring My Body Closer

Love (One Another)

Seek Ye First

Cause Me To Come

Holy, Thou Art Holy

Peace Give I To Thee

Praise You Father (Instrumental)

Sing To The Father (Instrumental)

Father I Adore You (Instrumental)

Praise The Lord (Instrumental)

Unto Thee O Lord (Instrumental)

Sing Hallelujah (Instrumental)

Open Our Eyes (Instrumental)

Light Out Way (Instrumental)

My Peace (Instrumental)

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